"Allison Beals and Her 25 Eels" is a poem in Falling Up by Shel Silverstein. It describes how Allison uses 24 eels -- as shoelaces, earrings, ladle, etc. The 25th, however, is different. The poem ends like this:

The 'lectric one was a lamp that could shine,
And one got a new job on page fifty-nine.

You can see an eel half off the page (bottom left corner):

And then, if you flip back (the poem is on page 98) to page 59, you can see an eel being used as a wire:

So is the page-59 eel shown in other publications of the poem1? If so, how?

1Which, IMO, it should be, as I think it's actually a part of the poem.

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