The poem You said you will come by Hemirah Tohti (from Drops of Melodies) reads as follows:

You sent the news that you were coming
I wake up full of joy in the morning
Many years have passed
My eyes never stop looking
To the direction you arrive
Many spring pased now
You wanted to come but couldn't
Days can pass - I can wait
But age can pass, it cannot return
I cry, I yearn But I understand
Your strife
I know - this is the way
Of life, I passed that road
If you can't come - just let me know
The news of how you are
As long as your [sic] are healthy
My preyers [sic] with [sic] reach you

Are we given any clues as to exactly why the other person didn't show up? Is this poem referring to someone who was forcibly disappeared, or are there other explanations here? Or is this poem along the similar line as Waiting for Godot in the sense that the narrator is indefinitely waiting for someone who never shows up?



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