I came across allusions to a source in one of the volumes of the Ante-Nicene Fathers, relevant summary by Oxford:

The learned Roman scholar and antiquarian M. Terentius Varro decided to take matters in hand and sort out the jumble of Sibyls in a systematic manner in the mid-1st century BCE. Varro, as reported by the Church Father Lactantius in the 4th century CE, compiled a list of ten Sibyls, duly citing his source for each of them, and recording them in chronological sequence. His assiduous researches identified the first as coming from Persia and the second from Libya, interestingly enough, thus locating the earliest of them outside the Hellenic world, although his sources were themselves Greek—Nicanor, the historian of Alexander, and the tragedian Euripides.

(Primary source: https://st-takla.org/books/en/ecf/007/0070012.html)

Search engines don't seem to return anything related to this text. I get mostly Nicanor Son of Parmenion. The Nicanor disambiguation also doesn't seem to list anyone that matches the time period as a historian or source. I'm led to think it's a lost source, but I can't confirm this.


Who is the Nicanor that Varro and Lactantius are referring to and does his account survive?



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