In high school I rented a collection of poems from a male author that I believe had a black-and-white cover with a photograph on it. I got it from a USA library in 2012. I am looking for one poem in particular.

  • It was a white American male poet. I would guess most active in the 1950s-60s but I'm not sure exactly
  • The length of most of the poems was only ~15-30 lines. The book had ~100 pages' worth of poems
  • The style of the poems was pretty simple, just some indentation and spacing but nothing too wild
  • I remember this poem was vaguely romantic
  • Most specifically, I remember this poem ended with the author asking some question, with the last word of the poem being: "—baby?" (e.g. "what do you say—baby?" or something like this).

I've done searches of the most famous male poets of the era for poems ending with "baby?" to no avail. I've also looked through poem anthology book covers from the authors to see if any was familiar but nothing yet.


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Lawrence Ferlinghetti - "funny fantasies are never so real as oldstyle romances"

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    Please provide more details. Is this on the internet to link to? How did you identify this? What elements specifically match your description? Imagine someone else trying to find the same poem and then coming across your question - how can they be sure this is correct, and how could they then enjoy the poem themselves?
    – bobble
    Commented Apr 24 at 15:36
  • @bobble: The full poem, which according to this website is called Pictures of the Gone World 15, is here in Google books. If jamesismynamo doesn't complete his answer, this will let somebody else do it.
    – Peter Shor
    Commented Apr 24 at 20:36

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