Around 13-15 years ago I had a book (or 2!) which featured a collection of short stories.

It was written in German; I sadly remember neither the name of the book, nor the author's or publisher's name. What I do remember is, that it featured stories of:

  • Münchhausen
  • Schildbürger
  • Till Eulenspiegel
  • I believe some dinosaur stories

It was a hardcover book, that's for sure. It also featured a couple of pictures to support the stories.

It is not the book "Der Struwwelpeter".

I'd highly appreciate any tips, be it bookcovers, names, authors..

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Would it be "Till Eulenspiegel. Münchhausen. Die Schildbürger"

It's a hardcover book and sorry I am not German and don't speak a drop of German but I am going to guess its this because its a hard cover book with several short stories.

I found the book on Amazon.de.

Please tell me if I am wrong; this is just a researched guess.

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    I believe not, sadly. I've looked at a lot of cover-arts for this one and descriptions, but it doesn't really fit. It's close tho.. May 29, 2017 at 15:50
  • Apologies then I just had a guess, Good luck trying to find it! May 29, 2017 at 16:40
  • It's impossible to check whether that Amazon.de link points to the book you had in mind; no title information is available there.
    – Tsundoku
    Nov 3, 2020 at 16:38

The difficulty with this question is that there have been so many children's books that combined the stories of Münchhausen, Till Eulenspiegel and Die Schildbürger. Below are a few examples, each of which is a hardcover edition. (I have not included the links to Amazon.de, since these will become invalid over time.)

(1) Die schönsten Vorleseklassiker: Till Eulenspiegel, Münchhausen, Rübezahl, Die Schildbürger. Vorlesebuch und Geschenkbuch, published by Gondolino in 2013 (but this may be a reprint).

Bookcover of the above book; in addition to the words from the tittle, it also shows colourful illustrations for each of the four stories listed on the cover

(2) Narrenstreiche - Münchhausen; Die Schildbürger; Till Eulenspiegel - Drei lustige Erzählungen, für die Jugend bearbeitet von Friedrich Hanke, published by Verlag Jugendhort in 1920. See the bookcover below.

Bookcover with the title 'Narrenstreiche' and an illustration in black, red and white

(3) Till Eulenspiel & Münchhausen & Die Schildbürger, edited or retold by Kurt Eigl and illustrated by Ernst Schrom, published by Bertelsmann in 1962. See the bookcover below.

Bookcover with the title 'Till Eulenspiel - Münchhausen - Die Schildbürger' and an illustration for each of the stories

(4) Narrenstreiche. Münchhausen. Die Schildbürger. Till Eulenspiegel, edited or retold by Hanke and illustrated by Hanetzog; published by Jugendhort in 1910 (some editions of the same volume were published earlier or without a year of publication). See the bookcover below.

Bookcover with the title 'Narrenstreiche' and an illustration of Münchhausen dangling from a rope attached to the moon

(5) Erich Kästner erzählt: Münchhausen, Gullivers Reisen, Till Eulenspiegel, Die Schildbürger, Don Quichotte Cecillie Dressler Verlag, 1975. See the bookcover below.

Cover with the above book title and an illustration of Münchhausen flying over a battlefield on a cannonball

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