I am searching for a book about tantric sex for couples written by an Australian couple. I read the book in northeast USA in english language around 2006. I think I bought it in a book store at the time, though it could have been new or used. But it didn't seem like a very old book. I believe the couple that wrote the book offered some in person counseling as well but I'm not 100% sure about that.

The thing I remember the most was how they called the penis 'lingam' and the vagina 'yoni'. The book focused more on bonding as a couple as opposed to focusing on yourself. So any books with 'for men' or 'for women' in the title won't fit the bill. I vaguely remember the cover being yellowish or orangish, but I'm really not that certain and that could of course change in different prints.

I found "The Heart of Tantric Sex: A Unique Guide to Love and Sexual Fulfillment" by Diana Richardson, which seems close, but I don't see any mention of Lingam or Yoni in the sample text online, and it says Diana is from Europe not Australia.

I would love (pun intended) to find this book, and any help is much appreciated!


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Could this be Tantric Secrets for Men: What Every Woman Will Want Her Man to Know about Enhancing Sexual Ecstasy (2002) by Kerry Riley and Diane Riley?

Warning: NSFW (Nudity)

enter image description here

The bio for the author/s state that they're Australian.

In the 80’s Kerry Riley studied yoga and meditation with Swami Satyananda and Masahiro Oki in Japan. He later taught these practices along with Chinese medicine, acupuncture and Taoist sexology in the East West Foundation in Sydney, Australia. After further extensive studies in Japan he introduced ‘Zen Shiatsu’ to Australia. He subsequently studied sacred sexuality, tantra and Taoism throughout the world with leading teachers in this field, including authors Dr Stephen Chang, Charles and Caroline Muir, Larry Collins, and David and Ellen Ramsdale. He also studied advanced sexuality at Moore University, USA.

Together with his partner, Diane Riley, Kerry was at the forefront of the introduction of the philosophy of sacred sexuality to Australia.

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