In Trollope's Orley Farm we are told that Mr. Moulder was "furnished with a pipe and a supply of cold without." What does this mean? It appears a little later that Moulder also has a glass of brandy and water.

Trollope, Anthony. Orley Farm. 1861–1862. Chapter 6. Retrieved from Project Gutenberg, 20 November 2023.

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Cold without refers to Mr Moulder's drink: brandy mixed with unsweetened cold water. The Oxford English Dictionary has the following entry for cold without:

Brandy or spirits in cold water without sugar.

“cold without, n.”. Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford University Press, September 2023, https://doi.org/10.1093/OED/4686028074. Accessed 29 November 2023.

The two examples given are from 1850 and 1853. Orley Farm was published in monthly installments between 1861 and 1862, so this noun phrase would have been in currency then.

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