I recently encountered the following in a Taras Shevchenko poem (To Osnovianenko) in The Complete Kobzar (Peter Fedynsky translation):

Our idea and our song
Will neither die nor perish...
And that, good people, is our glory,
The glory of Ukraine!

What do the ellipses mean here? Normally this would indicate that part of the text was left out, but I can't imagine why they would do that in this context given that this is The Complete Kobzar.

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Nothing; all it might do is tell the reader to make a slight pause between the two lines.

The original 1840 punctuation was:

Не вмре, не загыне:
Отъ де, люды, наша слава,
Слава Украины, —

enter image description here

But within a few years we see the ellipted version. Semantically, it creates a sort of 'double and'; recitatively, it tells the reader to wait a beat before saying 'and that'.

It acts as a sort of introductory punctuation that does the same as in this sentence:

I like to pout, whine, and bat my eyelashes...and that is why I'd make a great toddler.

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