I came across a rather good poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson today. It's called simply 'April'. It's just a bit too long to post in full here, but here's a link.

I was a bit confused by these lines:

The hedge is gemmed with diamonds,
The air with Cupids full,
The cobweb clues of Rosamond
Guide lovers to the pool.

What are these 'cobweb clues of Rosamond'? It reads as if it's referring to a myth or legend I haven't been told about, and I can't find any Rosamonds, Rosamunds or Rosamundes who did anything famous with spiders.

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Rosamund is Rosamund Clifford, Henry II's mistress. Legends claim that his wife, Eleanor, tracked her down to the heart of a maze that Henry had hidden her in and killed her. Sometimes, the legends specify that she followed a piece of thread that Rosamund had let fall behind her, and which then rolled out as she ran.

Therefore, this is saying that the cobwebs are like that thread.

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