Lucifer Morningstar, the Vertigo Comics character, was created by Neil Gaiman with influence from John Milton's Paradise Lost - at least that's what is written on his Wikipedia page, and even on the official DC website's "Lucifer 101" page, which is supposed to brief new readers for the 2016 Lucifer comic series:

This incarnation of Lucifer is similar to the Lucifer in Milton’s Paradise Lost and looks a bit like David Bowie. The loveliest of the Archangels, he rebelled three seconds after Creation and ruled as Lord of Hell for 10,000,000,000 years, but became bored and tired of humanity’s view of him.

I can find a source for the similarity with David Bowie - in The Sandman Companion and in this panel from Season of Mists:

Lucifer David Bowie
David Bowie image source

The relevant chapters of The Sandman Companion don't touch the subject of Milton's Paradise Lost, yet the the assumption that it was an influnce is floating everywhere and is taken for a fact.

Is there any evidence, in the form of an acknowledgement by Neil Gaiman, that Paradise Lost was an inflience on Lucifer's character? If so, which traits do Milton's and Gaiman's visions of Lucifer share?


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