I am reading a poem by Lord Byron: The Bride of Abydos and I am unsure about the meaning of the word award in Canto I, stanza 3, quoted below. Does it mean a sum of money such as a tip or does it have another meaning?

“Let the chamber be cleared.” – the train disappeared –
“Now call me the chief of the Haram guard –”
With Giaffir is none but his only son,
And the Nubian awaiting the sire’s award. (35)
“Haroun – when all the crowd that wait
Are passed beyond the outer gate,
(Woe to the head whose eye beheld
My child Zuleika’s face unveiled!)
Hence, lead my daughter from her tower – (40)
Her fate is fixed this very hour;
Yet not to her repeat my thought –
By me alone be duty taught!”

Full poem here

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This is most likely using the archaic meaning of "award" "decision after consideration". That is, the Harem guard is waiting for Giaffir's decision.

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