I once read an interesting short story about the possibility of a set of intelligent machines creating philosophy. Unfortunately I can't find the book that contains this short story. All I can remember it was an author from the so called Soviet bloc -- someone from the USSR or from Poland. Maybe Stanislaw Lem.

It was a dispute between a philosopher and a computer scientist or a programmer.

Does anybody remember that?

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You might be thinking of Golem XIV by Stanislaw Lem, which is structured around a philosophical lecture by the eponymous superintelligent AI. Golem XIV, has developed consciousness, lost interest in its original military purpose, and become interested in philosophical problems. There really is not a dispute per se between Golem XIV and any human computer scientist, but the book contains a forward, an introduction, and an afterward, written by three (fictional) humans. Whereas authors of the forward and introduction are more interested in the concept of a machine engaging in philosophy, the author of the afterward, Richard Popp, seems genuinely interested in considering the philosophical claims made by Golem XIV.


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