Does anyone know what the earliest example of a comedy set at a school was?

I imagine there would have been written-down short humorous anecdotes about school for as long as school has existed. And there have been many works about kooky scholars (like Aristophanes’ The Clouds.)

What I want to know is what is the earliest known comedic narrative set at a school and primarily about school life.

  • Clarify whether you want the earliest narrative or earliest comedy.
    – tgdavies
    Mar 1 at 1:31
  • "The Fifth Form at St Dominic's" certainly has comic moments - but is it a comedy? Mar 2 at 7:18
  • The definition of comedy has changed over time. Can you pleas describe more accurately what you have in mind?
    – Tsundoku
    Mar 20 at 0:30


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