In the French edition (Pocket) of The Rise of Endymion, written by Dan Simmons, the acknowledgements section refers to Jeff Orr with the following (my translation):

Jeff Orr, extraordinaire cybercowboy, for recovering from cyber-space forty pages of this story, kidnapped by the TechnoCore;

The book has been written (published?) in 1997. I am not at all familiar with how writers used to write at that time, but could it be that Dan Simmons lost some pages of this story on a computer/Internet and Jeff Orr got it back for him?

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Having read books at the time and of that type, I would certainly read it as a humorous expression of gratitude for having recovering, by technical means, forty pages that Simmons had lost through some quirk of software.

TechnoCore was a conglomerate of Artificial Intelligences within the book series, and so a humorous reference to the software.

(Incidentally, I usually hear it called the Acknowledgements section.)

  • Oh, interesting. I usually hear it called the Acknowledgments section 🙃
    – verbose
    Feb 5, 2023 at 16:47

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