I unfortunately don't have much info on these books other than my sister and I read them in our middle school library. I can remember that the main character (a young girl) either had a sleepover/camping trip with a friend and discusses Arabian Nights. They also compare pomegranates to a chest and the main girl is confused and asks her dad what a pomegranate looks like, which he then buys for her when they go shopping. There is also a part possibly in another book, unsure if it is a series, where she gets a perm for her hair and hates it.

As far as we know it wasn't a translation and was just in English. Neither of us can remember the cover or what the actual book looked like but I know it was just a paperback. We don't know how old the book is but we read it around 2006-2007 possibly.


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Alice the brave by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Sleep-over scene with her friends Pamela and Elizabeth is at the end of the first chapter and continues on the second:

Elizabeth opened her bag and pulled out something wrapped in a pillow case. I took a look. Tales from the Arabian Nights, it read on the cover. Unexpurgated edition.

"... So the damsel took a sash of Yemen stuff and doubled it about her waist, then tucked up her trousers and showed legs of alabaster and above them a hummock of crystal, soft and swelling, and a belly that exhaled musk from its dimples, as it were a bed of blood-red anemones, and breasts like double pomegranates..."

I tried to imagine double pomegranates, whatever they were, and wondered if my breasts would equal even one. Elizabeth's fingers fairly flew to the next paper clip.

And at the end of the chapter pomegranates are on the shopping list:

Dad jotted down something with his pencil, then scanned the list again.
“What's this? Double pomegranates?”
I swallowed.
“This your writing, Al?”
“Yeah. Pomegranates,” I said.
He looked at me strangely. “Do you suppose a couple will do?” “Yeah, two would be perfect,” I told him. “I just want to see what they look like.”

It looks like Alice gets a perm she and her family don't like in Alice in Rapture, Sort Of.

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