All I can remember is one character, a mouse called Nils. I think he had a sword and was quite daring. And that’s it, I’m afraid- no idea of the plot, setting or any other details. I probably read it in the 1960s but I’ve no idea when it was written.

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This is The Rescuers (1959) by Margery Sharp.

  • “a mouse called Nils”

    Nils pulled his whiskers again. All mice have large families, and Nils was no better than any other man at keeping track of relations. (p. 48)

  • “I think he had a sword”

    They left at once. (Nils just fetched his cutlass from the cloakroom, and he was ready too.) No one bothered to say good-by to them, in fact no one took any notice of them at all. (p. 42)

  • “and was quite daring”:

    “Forgive me for joining you uninvited,” said Miss Bianca nervously, “but I am a delegate from the Prisoners’ Aid Society, seeking the bravest mouse in Norway, on behalf of a Norwegian poet imprisoned in our parts.” (p. 35)

The book was made into a 1977 film by Disney, but Nils does not appear: his role is merged with that of Bernard.

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