At one point in Voroshilovgrad, Injured and Herman go from the old airport to what's referred to in the books as the community college dorms.

I'm slightly confused by this translation, since I don't think that Ukraine has an exact equivalent to U.S. community colleges (unless I'm mistaken), and most community colleges in the U.S. at least don't have dorms (admittedly, with a few exceptions).

What kind of institution is this referring to? Is there an actual institution like this in Luhansk?

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According to Wikipedia, there isn’t really an exact equivalent to community college, but the lowest level of accreditation for post-secondary education is the technical school and some graduates of second-level colleges are junior specialists which are degrees which are normally representative of 2.5–3 years’ study as opposed to the bachelor which is 4 years’s study and more comparable to the American bachelor’s degree.

The Ukrainian article on Luhansk indicates that it’s home to 5 universities, 14 secondary special institutions and 18 technical schools which would indicate that the community college referred to here is likely a college or technical school producing junior specialists. There doesn’t seem to be much detail about those colleges and technical schools that I can find, but it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that they do have dorms.

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    here: "Trade schools (Technikums), which are analogous to community colleges in the US and award the junior specialist degree".
    – Andra
    Commented May 5, 2022 at 9:14

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