In The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Blomkvist's friend Robban mentions a government agency called the AIA (Agency for Industrial Assistance), which was supposed to "help industry in the former Eastern Bloc get back on its feet." Searching on the internet, I can't find anything about the AIA. Does anyone know if it was real, or modeled on something that was real?

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Google Search for:

"Agency for Industrial Assistance" wiki

Gets me a link for this pdf that says, in reference to the translator:

Keeland was more inclined to domesticate such names; for example he translates a government agency named SIB as A.I.A.

Not sure what SIB is. Here's Wikipedia: Government agencies in Sweden.

But the PDF's Swedish section of book quotes says:

SIB stod för Styrelsen för Industriellt Bistånd

So, yeah, the SIB is whatever that is, which is not the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, as this other quote says:

En av deras tomtar hade förväxlat SIB med SIDA

One of their henchmen had confused A.I.A. with the Swedish International Development Authority

A search for "Styrelsen för Industriellt Bistånd" gives no results that aren't based on the book, so I assume it's a fictional agency.


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