The Tower by Ales Dudar contains the following:

The tower sleeps? What is it dreaming?
It rises, gloomy, like a ghost.
A prison here? A belly seeming?
Who is there that can guess its past?
And now, today, these men in
Boots tramp the drawbridge-plank once more

What kind of tower is this? And what kind of men are these? Are these workmen or soldiers?


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What it was before we cannot know. It is said very clearly.

Now it serves as a radio station. Or, rather, soon will serve:

І сёння к вежы прывязалі
драты ўстрывожаную даль...
О, прадзеды, каб вы пазналі
антэны стынучую сталь!

Today they bound to the tower
the wires of disturbed distance.
O Ancestors, if you only could see
a cold steel of an antenna.

(sorry for a sloppy translation). This pretty much implies that the men in boots are workers.

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