At the end of "The Key", a short story by Isaac Bashevis Singer, the old lady who has been our main character lies down on her bed, feeling like she's under anesthesia. She then has a vision where she sees her long-dead husband, and...

They wandered through a space without a sky, without earth, a tunnel full of debris - the wreckage of a nameless structure - a corridor dark and winding, yet somehow familiar. They came to a region where two mountains met, and the passage between shone like sunset or sunrise. They stood there hesitating and even a little ashamed. It was like that night of their honeymoon when they went to Ellenville in the Catskills and were let by the hotel owner into their bridal suite. She heard the same words he had said to them then, in the same voice and intonation: "You don't need no key here. Just enter - and mazel tov."
(translation by the author and Evelyn Torton Beck)

What is happening here? Did Bessie die? Why is she having this vision?


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