The Wikipedia article about Jorge Amado's Home Is the Sailor / Os velhos marinheiros ou o capitão de longo curso describes this work as a "Brazilian modernist novel". The corresponding Portugese and Italian Wikipedia articles contain no similar claims. The novel was written in 1961, long after what I know as the heyday of literary modernism, which I associate with the period from around 1900 (or a bit later) until about 1940. (Note: I listed a few differences between realism and modernism in the question In what way is Jorge Amado's novel Jubiabá a modernist novel?.)

What characteristics of Home Is the Sailor make this work a modernist novel? Or is the claim incorrect?

  • The Wikipedia article you cite mentions modernist works from the 1960s and later (and periodizations that apply to European literature may not match exactly with South America). This question reads like "do my homework" - what characteristics do you associate with literary modernism, and what if any do you find in the novel?
    – Stuart F
    Dec 3 '21 at 12:30
  • @StuartF The fact that "periodizations that apply to European literature may not match exactly with South America" is a reason why I'm looking for an assessment based on the novel's features, rather than an argument against asking the question. I listed a few differences between realist and modernist novels in a related question and did not want to repeat them here. "Do my homework"? Is that why you downvoted the question? I graduated from university more than two decades ago.
    – Tsundoku
    Dec 3 '21 at 12:49

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