I'm looking for the title of a short story, NOT "Lamb to the Slaughter," but another one I used to compare and contrast with it. It had a wife and husband, very much in 1950s roles, talking at home, until the wife becomes more and more infuriated with what a bore he is, and begins to giggle to herself about the random thought of killing him, until finally she does.

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    Hi, and welcome to Lit, good to have you here. You've already included some good details in this id-request question. Sometimes small details can be the cue for people to find or remember things though, so could you have a look through this list and see if you can add anything more? Eg it can include details from the cover, impressions of the author's name, when you read it, and so on.
    – Adam Burke
    Sep 1 at 1:42

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