In The Elephant and the Kangaroo, T.H. White names his protagonist "Mr. White," with no first name ever given. There are several notable similarities between the author and his protagonist:

  • they are both English authors
  • Mr White lives in Ireland, and T.H. White had
  • they both seem to be freethinkers
  • they were both unwed

So one might guess that the protagonist is intended to be some version of the author. The only other indication of a possible reason for this name I noticed was a brief comparison of the protagonist with the White Rabbit, though I suspect this is secondary. (Note the title of the work is based on an infrequently used comparison to two of the main characters to an elephant and a kangaroo.)

Did T.H. White ever explicitly explain the choice of name for this protagonist? If so, did he say to what extent Mr. White and/or his experiences are intended to be similar to the real-life author?

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