I'm looking for the name of a book I read three years ago (although it was published in the early 2000s maybe) about a boy who leaves his village and goes to a large city. The cover art is a corner of Bruegel's Tower of Babel artwork where men are discussing things at the foot of the tower. The part I'm referring to is the banner of this webpage.

A corner of Bruegel's Tower of Babel artwork, showing a group of people clustered together, with the foot of the Tower in the background

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Once the boy arrives at the city I believe he befriends some beggars who fake illnesses. He then eventually becomes a painter's apprentice, before being forced to leave the city, and returns to his village with (this is a very specific part I remember) a handful of nutmegs. This is nutmegs as in the spice, whole nutmegs.

I also remember the name of the book being the name of the boy who is the main character. The author was almost certainly male. I believe the story ends with the boy growing old and regretting returning to the village with only nutmegs. It is not Senlin Ascends.

I have been searching for a year now. Is there anyone who has ever heard of any book like this and could point me to the title?


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