I am looking for any biographical information concerning Clara A. Walsh. She wrote "The Master-Singers of Japan," a selection of classical Japanese poetry translated into English. It was published in 1910 and reprinted in 1914 by John Murray.


An interim non-answer.

The only obvious internal clues in The Master-Singers of Japan about about the life of its author are its dedication to Professor H. J. Weintz, and the signature line at the end of the preface on p.19: "Clara A. Walsh / Southsea, 1909". Southsea is part of Portsmouth, a city in the south of England. This Weintz was probably the author in of the Japanese grammar books published in 1904, reviewed in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society.

According to The History of British Women's Writing, 1880-1920: Volume Seven (edited by Holly A. Laird), p.179, the author of The Master-Singers of Japan was Clara Augusta Walsh (1867-?).

A google search for "Clara Augusta Walsh" result in hits on genealogy web sites, and on works such as Burke's Peerage, showing that there was a Clara Augusta Walsh (1867-1924) living at har father's house, 51, Clarence Parade, Southsea. She was the grand-daughter of the 4th Marquess of Donegall; her father had been a captain in the 78th Highlanders (or "Ross-shire Buffs") regiment in the British Army.

It seems reasonable to guess that the author of The Master-Singers was Clara Augusta Walsh. Her social status was more-or-less that of her approximate contemporary Marianne North, who travelled alone to places like Borneo, California, and Japan as a botanical illustrator, so it is not impossible that CAW visited Japan, too. Or, maybe she learned Japanese without leaving England, relying on Prof. Weintz's textbooks.

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