I am not actually sure if this is a story I have watched, or read, or both. Certainly I have watched it as I have pictures on my mind. Anyway, the plot is: The wife is (I guess) abused by her husband. One day when he came back from work, he brought a meat (I don't remember what specifically) and it seems to be that this meat is her husband's favourite. After the wife cooked the food, she tried to taste or took a bite from the meat. The food was so delicious that she didn't notice that she has eaten all of the now-cooked meat. She panicked and rushed outside to think of a solution (for the husband has not yet arrived)

(this is the part where I am not sure)

So she goes outside and saw a funeral going on, with a body on a casket. After that she took home a meat, cooked it, and watched her husband eat someone's organ.

  • Welcome to Literature Stack Exchange, take our tour! Are you certain that if this was written, it was a short story (in the literary sense?) If it was a short story, do you remember anything else about it - e.g. if it was in an anthology? See the identification-request wiki for more kinds of useful information – bobble May 29 at 17:10

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