I was once solving a test passage on Khan Academy last year. It contained a story of a boy who fooled a newspaper-boy to tell all the other residents of a village that a man was marrying a woman. It was an excerpt from a novel that was so very hilarious. What novel is this from?

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    Welcome to Literature! What test did you read this passage in? Could you provide us with a year, or even a decade, at least? See the identification-request wiki for more useful kinds of information. – bobble May 27 at 15:21
  • it was a khan academy sat reading practice (literature); i saw that last year..however the text was of 19th century something – Daksh Sengar May 27 at 16:42
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    Thank you for this update. Please edit details into the question directly instead of leaving them in comments, and be as specific as possible. – bobble May 27 at 21:25

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