I am under the impression Mishani doesn't write in English. Wikipedia:

Haish sheratza ladaat hakol (2015; To be published in English during 2016: The Man who wanted to know)

This source claims:

Two of his three Inspector Avraham novels have been translated into English: The Missing File (2013) and A Possibility Of Violence (2014). A third, The Man Who Wanted To Know, appeared in Hebrew in May this year and has not yet been translated.

I don't have a copy of The Man Who Wanted to Know Everything: An Inspector Avraham Avraham Novel so I'd like to know who did the English translation.


Todd Hasak-Lowy

According to Dror Mishani's own website:

– 11 / 2016: “The Man who wanted to know everything” out in the US – and is on PW’s books of the week list with a starred review!

The third Avraham novel, “The Man who wanted to know everything”, is published today in the US (HarperCollins; translated from Hebrew by Todd Hasak-Lowy) – and is on PW’s books of the week list.

And confirmed by a reviewer and blogger who read the book:

We meet Inspector Avraham Avraham for the third time in The Man Who Wanted to Know Everything by D.A. Mishani, translated by Todd Hasak-Lowy (Harper Paperbacks, November 2016).

Todd Hasak-Lowy is a writer, translator, and professor of creative writing and literature. His website is here, with a detailed biography on his About Me page, and a list of works he's translated which includes The Man who wanted to know everything.


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