I forgot the title of the short story.

It is about a man who is in court because of his prostheses.

If I remember correctly he was a famous motorbiker.

A company wants all his prostheses back, because of financial stuff (don't remember exactly).

That includes half his brain, which makes loud noises.

The end of the story is:

he gets to keep the prostheses.

I read this story in German in my philosophy class in 2008 or so (but it was definitely older). I don't remember which author it was or whether it was translated from another language.

I am not sure if it was in a book with other stories, because we just got a printout.

  • Welcome to Literature Stack Exchange! What language did you read this short in? Where did you read it? If it was in an anthology/collection, do you remember anything about the other stories included? See the identification-request wiki in case anything else jogs your memory. Every detail helps. – bobble Apr 5 at 18:51

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