This is a young adult/children's book read some time around 2004, in English. Unfortunately no recollection of the cover. Remembered details are:

  • a boy is on vacation, or perhaps has moved, in a hot, dusty place
  • there is abandoned house
  • the boy befriends another child (could also have been an old man with a youthful spirit)
  • time jumps to when the house was not abandoned
  • a scene with an inexplicable wind inside the house
  • a scarab beetle was important, in some way
  • I think the book ended with a scarab beetle scuttling in the sand.

Which book is this?

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    Welcome to Literature Stack Exchange! What language did you read this book in? Where did you read it? Can you remember anything about the cover? See the identification-request wiki in case anything else jogs your memory. Every detail helps. – bobble Mar 16 at 15:18
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    Seriously, who's voting to close identification-request questions? The poster clearly states that they're looking to find a book they read before and lists enough details that it's plausible only a single book matches. This isn't a recommendation request, it's an identification request – bobble Mar 16 at 19:24

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