Asmodean pulled open a small door, intending to find his way to the pantry. There should be some decent wine. One step, and he stopped, the blood draining from his face. "You? No!" The word still hung in the air when death took him.

Who killed Asmodean?

I am pretty sure it was one of the Forsaken, but which one? Demandred or Graendal or someone else?


Asmodean's killer is revealed in Towers of Midnight. The glossary entry for Graendal states:

"A ruthless killer, she was responsible for the deaths of Aran'gar and Asmodean and for the destruction of Mesaana."

And in the book, Shaidar Haran says this:

"Three Chosen, destroyed by your actions."

Before that, there was a lot of speculation about who killed Asmodean. The pinnacle of that was this Sherlock Holmes fanfiction which pretty much explains all the reasoning used before it was revealed.

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