I am looking for a one shot about a girl (I think wearing glasses) who can't speak loudly, and whose English is bad. Even her teacher has a hard time with her. A guy who sees her get bullied helps her. I remember the guy being good at fighting. At the end, there was a competition the teacher arranged. The competition for English speaking or similar. There was some penalty if the female lead couldn't speak well. The guy (or the girl, not sure) confessed their feelings on stage. I also remember the girl gave the guy a Band-Aid when he got hurt. I read it in KM. What shoujo/romance manga is this?

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    Could you provide any more specifics? What was the competition about? What penalty would there be? What was confessed? See the tag wiki for [identification-request] for more kinds of information that would be helpful. Every bit helps. – bobble Jan 19 at 1:26
  • i dont really remember much about the competition , it was for a English speaking contest or something like that , and by confessed i meant their feeling . sorry thats all i remember it was a short one shot. oh i also remember the girl gave him a bandaid when he got hurt . thats about it . – silverman1212 Jan 19 at 1:47
  • Please edit any more details into your question; don't leave important information in comments. – bobble Jan 19 at 1:47

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