"A Day at the Park" is an excellent philosophical comic by Kostas Kiriakakis, featuring two rather odd-looking creatures discussing the merits of questions and answers. (It applies very well to some discussions on Stack Exchange, notably "We're Rewarding the Question Askers".) The two main characters, the young one with his questions and the old one with his answers, are almost always the focus of the comic, but a few frames pull out to focus on a passerby, a tall figure with hooved feet "walking" a fish on a leash:

a small frame zoomed in on the Answerer, another small frame featuring a fish on a leash; a wide frame with the Asker and Answerer in the background and a pair of hooves in the foreground; a small frame with the Asker and Answerer in the foreground and a tall horned figure in the background, a small frame zoomed in on the Answerer

Do these extra character(s) signify anything? Is the figure with horns and hooves supposed to be demonic? What does it mean that the fish is floating in mid-air? Is there any meaning to this beyond an extra feature of the world drawn around the Asker and the Answerer?

  • Some random thoughts: Given the context, I feel like the hoofed figure (I'll assume it's a goat) could represent the question and the fish the answer. Fish are associated with hidden things (underwater). The goat searched for&caught it, brought the fish "to the surface" and now "has" an answer, enforced by the leash. I guess the fact the fish is floating could just represent that it's alive, i.e. the answer to the question is not useless (yet), until it doesn't serve the goat anymore. I don't see any connection between a Q and a goat. goat & fish might be Capricorn or opposites (Q/A,God/Satan) – Lukas Rotter Jan 12 at 22:25

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