In the poem Otro poema de los dones by Jorge Luis Borges, there is a line which refers to 1955. Is Borges, being Argentine, referring to the military coup to unseat President Juan Perón of Argentina? Or what is the reference?

Original line in Spanish:

Por ciertas vísperas y días de 1955,

English translation:

For certain eves and days of 1955,

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I assume it is indeed a historical reference. The year 1955 was double relevant to Borges:

  1. He had been an anti-Peronist [1], so he welcomed the Revolución Libertadora of 16 September 1955. In fact, the Wikipedia about Borges notes:

According to [Borges biographer] Williamson, Borges shouted, "Viva la Patria", until his voice grew hoarse. [2]

  1. After the "Revolución Libertadora", Borges was named director of the National Library [3] and he stayed in this position until the return and re-election of Juan Perón, when Borges resigned from his post. [4] [5]


  • I agree that it's a historical reference. I doubt the "double" list is on spot. It's just the first fact what matters here, the second one is rather a corolary (among many others).
    – leonbloy
    Jan 6, 2021 at 3:29
  • @leonbloy Do you disagree with the statement "The year 1955 was double relevant to Borges"? Or what are you disagreeing with?
    – Tsundoku
    Jan 6, 2021 at 13:29

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