Sorry if this is off-topic.

When I was a child (around 10 so early 90's), my grandparents gave me a book about the history of Santa Clause/Saint Nicholas/other alternate names.

What I recall about the book

  • The images were red, black and white. The pages were white, and the text black. There may have been some exceptions to this, where the text was red.
  • The text was in English
  • It was illustrated inside, with Scandanavian-style artwork
  • It appeared quite dark/sinister, at least for a young boy
  • It was a hardback
  • It was relatively thin, at < 100 pages
  • It was slightly smaller than A4 in size
  • It talked about what Santa would be called in various countries, particularly focused on Scandinavia and Europe. I don't recall anything about Santa in North/South America.

I would like to find this book, and ideally acquire a copy, however, I've no idea what it is called.

Does anyone know of a book which meets (and likely exceeds) the above criteria?


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