Khaled Hosseini states:

"Like a compass needle that points north, a man's accusing finger always finds a woman. Always.”

Even though this qoute is conveyed via Mariam's mother 'Nana', the author of this book is a male. He portrays a controversial view of men accusing women through this quote, eventually directing to the famous stereotype of women being weaker than men and being unable to defend themselves. This especially applies to the introverted relations between a husband and wife in the culturally tied Asia.

Reading this qoute in the opening chapter of the book, it makes the reader wonder why it was said in the first place, keeping in mind that the author himself is a man. Does this apply only to the men in Afghanistan? If so, he himself along with his family descends from Afghanistan. As he has not made it clear in the book, are we able to say that he is saying that from experience, i.e. he himself or one of the poeple he knows and are close to have done so?

It just confuses me because one point of view can be that he is excluding himself from the men who always blame women, because a person wouldn't commit to this accusation himself, or on the other hand he might have done so and there is a hint of realization?

Overall, is there a contextual point that he might be trying to make about himself, or is it just about the characters in the book?

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