From Idylls of the King: The Passing of Arthur by Alfred Tennyson:

To him replied the bold Sir Bedivere:
'It is not meet, Sir King, to leave thee thus,
Aidless, alone, and smitten through the helm—
A little thing may harm a wounded man;
Yet I thy hest will all perform at full,
Watch what I see, and lightly bring thee word.'

What does "it is not meet" mean in the context of leaving someone ill?

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"It is not meet" basically means "it is not appropriate" or even "it is not right" (probably a better interpretation in this context). He's saying, more or less, that they shouldn't just leave Arthur in the state he's in, but someone should stay with him.

Meet, as defined in Lexico:

Suitable; fit; proper.

It doesn't pop up as a definition if you just search for "meet meaning", mind! You have to be sure to search for "meet meaning adjective", or some combination thereof.


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