The title is suggestive enough to elicit an understanding that Andrade probably purposefully made this poem difficult to read for people who are not familiar with Tupi culture. A conscious effort of Mário de Andrade to rebuke the Eurocentric mindset is evidenced by the abundant symbolic imagery.1

Virtude de urubutinga
De enxergar tudo de longe!
Não carece vestir tanga
Pra penetrar meu caçanje!
Você sabe o francês "singe"
Mas não sabe o que é guariba?
— Pois é macaco, seu mano,
Que só sabe o que é da estranja.

What does "urubutinga" mean here? What does it refer to? Shouldn't it be "urubitinga" aka the great black hawk native to Brazil?

1 See for example Alfredo Cesar Melo's discussion in "The Predicaments of Transculturation: A Materialist Reading of “Meu tio o Iauaretê” by João Guimarães Rosa"


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