Rabindranath Tagore's poem 'Sonar Tari', written in Bengali, was translated into English as 'The Golden Boat'. The last stanza reads:

ঠাঁই নাই, ঠাঁই নাই! ছােট সে তরী
আমারি সােনার ধানে গিয়েছে ভরি’।
শ্রাবণ গগন ঘিরে
ঘন মেঘ ঘুরে ফিরে,
শূন্য নদীর তীরে
রহিনু পড়ি’,
যাহা ছিল নিয়ে গেল সােনার তরী।

In William Radice's translation:

No room, no room, the boat is too small.
Loaded with my gold paddy, the boat is full.
Across the rain-sky clouds heave to and fro,
On the bare river-bank, I remain alone—
What had has gone: the golden boat took all.

Why did the boat-woman take the golden paddy into her boat, leaving the narrator (the paddy cutter) alone on the shore? Why did he forlornly surrender to fate on a rainy day?

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