In Ishay Ribo's song "Keter Melucha / כתר מלוכה" (Royal Crown), a song written about, essentially, COVID and lockdown, there's a stanza that goes like this:

בין תצווה לכי תישא
אסתר פורים משתה שמחה
מי יחנה ומי יסע
ומי ישא בתוצאה

Between Tetzaveh and Ki Tisa
Ester, Purim, feasting, joy
Who will stay and who will travel
And who will bear the consequences
(my own translation)

What does the line "ומי ישא בתוצאה" ("and who will bear the consequences") mean here? The consequences of gathering for Purim? A play on words with the previous line ("travel" and "bear" being pronounced the same way)? What?

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