I'm trying to remember a children's fiction book I read as a child. I only remember vague key words and ideas. Do you know what this story is?

Language: English

Date read: mid 2000s

Where I would've found it: Midwest USA public library or school library


  • Atlantis. Something about an archeological dig finding ruins from Atlantis.
  • Analog vs Digital. The dig found some sort of "disc" in Atlantis that let you control... something. The villain tried to make a replica of this disc, but something about the replica was digital instead of analog, and so his plan didn't work?
  • Elements. The four Greek elements were in play somehow, and I think there was a scene where characters were talking near a candle flame. The villain was listening? through the flame or something.
  • Golems. Some sort of elemental being I think called a golem was in the book. Maybe summoned by the discs?

I've been searching these keywords every time I recall this story, but I don't find anything similar. I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me find this novel.


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You're looking for The Chaos Code by Justin Richards from 2007 about a kid who discovers his archaeologist dad is missing and tries to stop a villain from using an ancient code. Everything you mentioned (Atlantis, the disc, controlling the Elements, candle flames listening in, the golems etc.) is in there.

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