Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin tells the story of Riley, and the story of her navigating a new school, people bullying him, and being outed as genderfluid to their family.

Recently on Writing Twitter, there's been a lot of discussion about Ownvoices (a member of a marginalized community writing about their own community) stories. This made me think about Symptoms. Jeff - the author - is a cis man (so Symptoms is not Ownvoices). Given that there have been a not-insignificant number of people saying that especially trans stories1 should be told by people who are actually members of the community, I'm wondering what the sentiment was at the time that the book was released.

How was Symptoms of Being Human received by the queer community in 2016, when the book was released?

1Note that this is specifically trans stories, as opposed to stories with trans characters.


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