Various sites on the Internet claim that the Quran is the most beautiful book written in the Arabic language, e.g. on Blogspot and a chapter from the course Keane World Religions on Course Hero.

The core of my question is: is it that Quran really has the most beautiful Arabic, or is that people defined beauty using the language in the Quran? Can this claim about the Quran be defended on the basis of its literary features?

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    Could you specify who in particular says the Quran is the most beautiful Arabic literature? Part of the reasoning might simply be religious belief: if that particular book is the word of God, it makes sense for it to be more beautiful than other texts written without divine aid. Have non-Islamic scholars, or non-religious experts in Arabic literature, said this too? – Rand al'Thor Aug 16 at 20:24
  • I unfortunately do not remember the source. I do remember, however, that there were a Spanish scholar some time during 711 and 1400s AD that said he will try to write a page of Arabic that is as beautiful as the Quran to show others that it is doable. He was targeting the statement that, because Quran is so beautifully written, it cannot possibly be written by human and thus must be divinely inspired. – J Li Aug 16 at 21:43
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    My hunch would be that many religions claim their holy text is the most beautifully written. – Skooba Aug 17 at 12:01

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