I came up to this verse of great Indian poet Saint Kabir

बिरहा बुरहा जिनि कहौ, बिरहा है सुलतान।
जिस घटि बिरह न संचरै, सो घट सदा मसान॥

This page gives the English translation of that verse as

Do not consider virah/disconnection as foolish, virah is a sultan; the cremation in which the heart does not break.

but the way the translation is written it is very hard to understand it. So, I moved to someone whose native language is Hindi and here is how he translates it

Bereavement is not studpidity, bereavement is king
Heart without bereavement is like burial site"

I'm unable to understand why does a heart which grieve for loved ones is said to be a king (Sultan in original verse)? And why a heart without bereavement is like a burial site? As far as I can think, king/sultan is used when we have to show someone as powerful or mighty, but this meaning doesn't seem to be suitable to me in this case. If a heart doesn't mourn for loved ones, it is strong, but how that is related to burial site, I understand that at burial site people go when someone dies, it is related to death and mourning and quite ghastly but I can't see how is this related to a stone heart.

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