As I mentioned in an earlier question, it is a little-known fact that Maupassant did not only write narrative prose but also plays. The French Wikipedia article lists several plays by Maupassant:

  • Histoire du vieux temps (1879)
  • Une répétition (1880)
  • Musotte (1891)
  • La Paix du ménage (1893)

After a gap of eleven years, during which he wrote most of his stories and novels, the author returned to the dramatic genre with Musotte, which was followed by La Paix du ménage. (Maupassant was admitted to hospital in January 1892 and stayed there until his death in July 1893, which is why I assume the last play was written before 1892.) Does this quick succession of two plays that Musotte was successful? How did Maupassant's contemporaries respond to this play?

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