I am trying to remember a science fiction story I read that involved a civilization of sentient manta rays living in Jupiter. The book starts with the main character, a human, being given a body to join the manta rays, and ends with the humans and manta rays realizing that they can use the core of Jupiter to travel to other solar systems. I would have read this in the late 90s, earlier 2000s.

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This is probably Timothy Zahn's Manta's Gift.

From the Goodreads summary:

When Matt Raimey had his accident, he thought his life was over. He never dreamed, in his wildest fantasies, that he'd end up in a spot like this. In the toxic atmosphere of Jupiter, born into the body of an enormous creature that looked like a cross between a manta ray and a dolphin, he is living a new life, unlike any humankind had previously experienced.

Also at the Science Fiction Review with more details about the story (although without revealing the ending).

When I searched Google for science fiction manta rays jupiter, the top hits were all about this book. Then again, Google search results are different for everyone, and I've done a lot of searching for science fiction stories to answer people's story-ID questions; maybe you'd get completely different results with the same search.


Iain M Banks, The Algebraist. It involves nearly immortal manta ray like creatures living in a gas giant, with a gate in its core.

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    I thought about this but there are too many details that don't match -- (i) in The Algebraist, the protagonist (Fassin Taak) is not "given a body" but uses a miniature spaceship; (ii) the Dwellers only resemble manta rays as infants; they change shape as they grow and as adults they resemble dumb-bells; (iii) The Algebraist does not take place on Jupiter (which is said to be uninhabited) but on the planet Nasqueron. Jul 22, 2020 at 7:46

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