I am looking for a book such as the title "To Steal an Ancient Melody", or a book that uses the phrase "To steal an ancient melody". I am interested to see the story as it discusses what befalls the individual that steals the ancient melody. The book is along the lines of "The Bards Tale," except it is about what happens to the individual who shall steal the ancient melody.

  • Hi and welcome to Literature Stack Exchange. Questions asking to identify a specific book are on topic here, but based on what you write, I can't make up my mind whether you have a specific book in mind (which you once read or saw) or any book that fits your description. This is probably just a matter of formulation. – Tsundoku Jun 2 at 18:09
  • @Tsundoku Thank you for the greeting, I am trying to find either a book with specified title or a book which uses the specified phrase. – Vil Ignoble Jun 2 at 23:22

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