In the course of answering a question about an Edgar Allan Poe quote on puns, I came across a 19th-century magazine called The Satchel: a Repository of Wit, Whimsies, and What-Not, published in London, apparently weekly at a price of 1d. Reading the linked volume (Volume 9, Issues 1-9, Saturday 5 March - 30 April 1831), I couldn't find any actual names of contributors. Articles are signed with initials such as "J.S." or "T.H.B." I also couldn't find any more information about The Satchel online, although my search-fu may be bad here since "satchel" is a common noun as well.

Where can I find more information about The Satchel? I'm particularly interested in a list of authors/contributors, if possible - some information more than just their initials.



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