In Rebecca Roanhorse's Trail of Lightning, Ma'ii (aka Coyote) is the only person to call Maggie by her full name, Magdalena. This is stated explicitly:

The same creature, looking mostly like a man and wearing the same outlandish Western costume, now sits drinking tea in my favorite chair in my living room.
"Magdalena, dear, is this really all you have? Tea?"
"Hello, Ma'ii," I greet him. He's the only person, or non-person as it were, who calls me by that name. But it would be useless to correct him.
The Sixth World, book 1: Trail of Lightning, chapter 12

Why does Ma'ii refer to her by "Magdalena"? How does this affect our reading of their interactions? Does this change the power dynamics?

How does Ma'ii calling Maggie "Magdalena" affect the story?


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