I'm thinking of a set of stories that forms a literary cycle in the traditional sense but where they are intended to form a coherent story arc regardless of where in the sequence you start?

The obvious first candidate for such a plot would be something in SF/time-travel (from what I can see parts of Dr. Who glance in that direction), but it seems to me that it would also present some interesting opportunities where the described events are not cyclic but still work as (possibly wildly diverging?) strictly linear stories depending on where things are stated.

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    Jorge Luis Borges springs to mind. He's written a lot of wacky stories, and experimenting with cyclicity of writing seems like the kind of thing he'd do. Can't think of an actual example though. – Rand al'Thor Mar 19 at 18:12
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    If you'd accept an example from a single novel, arguably Alice in Wonderland might fit the bill. – Matt Thrower Mar 20 at 8:26

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